BRABUS for Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Power 560 kW / 761 hp | Torque 1050 Nm | 0-100 km/h 2.8 s | Vmax 260 km/h / 162 mph
Fuel Economy* Power consumption 26,4 (kWh/100 km) | CO2 0 g/km

The electrified luxury masterpiece. BRABUS for Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

This Next-Level supercar is the next generation of refinement. An electrified luxury Masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of design with its striking 1-Second-Wow elegance and extravagant all-electric driving fun in typical BRABUS fashion. Based for the first time on the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, it was conceptualized to make an unmistakable statement – featuring a bespoke, fully handcrafted two-tone leather Masterpiece interior, characterized by stylish crest pattern quilting and unmatched attention to detail. The fully brabusized Porsche Taycan Turbo S is rounded off by our signature BRABUS exposed carbon exterior concept as well as 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition" forged wheels with an immaculate "Signature Black" finish. Experience uncompromising BRABUS luxury. Experience the next generation.

Design & Exterior. Designed to impress.

This unmistakable sports cruiser was developed to reimagine our signature “Black and Bold” design language while maintaining the BRABUS typical 1-Second-Wow factor in every detail. Its highly exclusive design features our high-grade exterior concept in combination with next-level aerodynamic elements for the best possible driving experience. Around the modern chassis, a range of exposed carbon elements such as the BRABUS front fascia insert, front spoiler as well as the striking side flaps mounted in front of the rear wheels impress with their extraordinary, dynamic looks. Discretely placed BRABUS Masterpiece badges integrated on the front fenders provide an unmistakable attention to detail.

In the rear, the BRABUS three-piece spoiler as well as the immaculate BRABUS diffuser complete the supercar’s advanced aerodynamics by optimizing lift at high speeds while ensuring an unmistakable motor racing flair. Discretely placed BRABUS Masterpiece badges integrated on the front fenders provide extravagant attention to detail.

Wheels & Chassis. Forged Performance.

The striking signature character of the fully brabusized Porsche Taycan Turbo S is underscored by 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition" forged wheels. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and an exclusive "Signature Black" finish ensure an unmistakable look and maximum strength. The lightweight design ensures improved stability as well as optimal handling. Courtesy of the BRABUS Ride Control Module, the ride height of the Turbo S can be optimized by up to 20 millimeters, significantly improving driving dynamics through a lower center of gravity.

Interior. Masterpiece Luxury.

Our interior design specialists developed a bespoke, fully handcrafted black and bright green BRABUS Masterpiece interior for this model to match its signature BRABUS looks. Refined down the last detail, the striking two-tone design impresses with its impeccable finish, complete with special BRABUS crest pattern quilting as well as millimeter precise perforations on the seats, trim elements and the floor mats, which are likewise upholstered in the finest leather. The extravagant headliner made from the finest alcantara completes the one of a kind feel-good factor.

Experience the apex of confident luxury; this exceptional interior design offers unmatched attention to detail. Carbon fiber elements integrated into the instrument panel, the center console and the door panels complement the Taycan’s one of a kind flair and add sporty touches to the cockpit in combination with stylish aluminum components such as the pedals. further next-level details such as the steering wheel with green decorative stitching and top-center marking and the scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo, which color alternates between red and white, add intriguing contrast.

This electrified luxury masterpiece plays in a league of its own, able to be configured individually in every detail. From the color scheme of the bodywork and the interior to the finest topstitching and quilting elements – your journey awaits. Limited only by your imagination.

Equipment highlights 

Design & Exterior

BRABUS Carbon Package Body
BRABUS front spoiler
BRABUS front skirt add-on parts
BRABUS side skirt add-on parts
BRABUS rear skirt add-on parts
BRABUS rear diffuser
BRABUS rear spoiler
BRABUS Brand Package Exterior
BRABUS Aluminum hub cap with embossed BRABUS logo / polished
BRABUS logo for bonnet
BRABUS emblems for rear lid
BRABUS lettering for rear lid

Wheels & Chassis

BRABUS Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition" - 10-spokedesign -forged-, black polished
front axle: 9.5J x 22H2 ET 50
rear axle: 11.5J x 22H2 ET 56
front axle: 265/30 R 22
rear axle: 315/25 R 22
RDK sensor for Porsche Taycan
BRABUS brake design green with lettering
BRABUS SPORT XTRA Porsche Taycan Turbo S


BRABUS MASTERPIECE fine leather Interior consisting of:
Each supercar is individually made and customized to your wishes. Please contact us for your individual configuration.
Quilting: "Diamond Fusion" in color: Black / Verde (green) with contrast stitching and green piping
2 front seats with headrests, rear bench incl. headrests, front and rear door panels, center console, seat back trim & sidebags
Sun visors in leather
Headliner in leather
A-, B- and C-columns in leather
Complete floor / trunk floor in leather 
Steering wheel outer section and airbag in leather
BRABUS interior design trim in verde (48pcs)
BRABUS signature carbon fibre trim (12 pcs)
BRABUS Aluminium pedal pads matt anodized
BRABUS Aluminium illuminated foot rest, matt anodized
BRABUS complete carpeting for boot area, 4-pieces, black velours, with nubuck edge
BRABUS Interior Carbon Package
BRABUS entrance panels 4-pieces, Carbon glossy LED-technology with illuminated BRABUS logo
BRABUS floor mats black, with nubuck edge

Performance & Fuel Economy

Technical Data

Engine size- cm3
Power560 kW / 761 hp
Torque1050 Nm
0-100 km/h2.8 s
0-60 mph2.8 s
Vmax260 km/h / 162 mph

Fuel Economy

Power consumption26,4 (kWh/100 km)
CO2 Emissions0 g/km


* All stated driving performance figures are approximate values. They depend on vehicle-specific details such as the vehicle model, equipment, curb weight, final-drive ratio, tire/wheel combination, transmission design and aerodynamic equipment of the individual vehicle. Details of performance upgrades and/or performance kits are average values. Deviations of +/- 5% are possible due to test conditions. Details about the total power output of factory engines modified with performance upgrades and/or performance kits are based on the manufacturer specifications in the vehicle title, which themselves can deviate by +/- 5%. BRABUS assumes no liability for reduced outputs of factory engines going beyond this. Subject to technical modifications without notice. The stated figures were determined in accordance with the prescribed measuring method (Directive 80/1268/EEC in the currently valid version). The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but are solely intended for comparison between different vehicle models.

Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy*
Power consumption 26,4 (kWh/100 km)
CO2 0 g/km



* Determined based on the measured CO2 emissions in consideration of the vehicle mass.