We create modern, individual luxury.

BRABUS is a leading global luxury mobility brand based in the heart of Germany’s Ruhr Region. Renowned among enthusiasts in over 100 countries for the creation of high-end supercars and as automotive individualization experts since 1977, we offer a highly diversified product portfolio defined by the BRABUS 1-Second-Wow effect that underlines our customers’ unique personalities. 

We believe in driving innovation through cutting-edge technology, our unwavering attention to detail, and the use of only the highest quality materials – relying on decades of expertise to enable maximum individuality every single day.


The BRABUS 1-Second-Wow effect is the guiding principle for everything we do. It is the most essential design requirement that all of our products must meet, as well as what we strive to achieve when our customers come face-to-face with them and our brand. Derived from six core design principles, it is a unique concept, rooted in perception and emotion, that distinguishes our products and makes them truly one of a kind. We only get one single second, and only if you see it and recognize it in a way that captivates your senses and makes you immediately fall in love with it have we done our job right.

Discover the 1-Second-Wow

Brabus Masterpiece

In the world of BRABUS, when a product reaches the highest attainable level of bespoke craftsmanship, it is designated a “Masterpiece”. Characterized by bold exterior design concepts and the striking attention to detail of our signature interiors and infused with the breathtaking precision engineering of our BRABUS high-performance engines, a BRABUS Masterpiece showcases the absolute maximum of our capabilities in its most exclusive form. They are far more than luxury products; they are unique statements of individuality and unmistakable symbols of bespoke elegance. They are the ultimate culmination of everything we stand for.

Every Masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted at BRABUS HQ in Bottrop, Germany in a process spanning several months of work by our skilled artisans before they are delivered to BRABUS enthusiasts around the world. Beyond our Masterpiece conversions, we also invite you to explore our BRABUS individualization programs. Find out more HERE.


In a strategic effort to go beyond our strengths as an independent brand, we are consistently looking for like-minded partners that befit our style as well as our ambitions, to challenge the versatility of our DNA and ultimately expand it into new markets. Our long-standing partnership with smart, the exclusive BRABUS Marine Shadow series of high-performance superboats, and the highly limited BRABUS motorcycles developed in collaboration with leading European motorcycle manufacturer KTM have laid the foundation for a steadily growing global portfolio of diverse 1-Second-Wow luxury mobility products. 

Through our collaboration with Italian luxury watch manufacturer Panerai, we have been able to integrate our typical design language into an entirely new segment of bespoke luxury that goes far beyond what we do normally. Likewise, together with award-winning water sports brand Jobe, we have risen to the challenge of exploring new horizons and adventures in the area of high-grade outdoor accessories. 

Inspired by the goal of bringing fans and customers out onto the waves like never before, we entered our latest collaboration with revolutionary electric surfboard company Awake introduced a new kind of 1-Second-Wow effect in collaboration with revolutionary electric surfboard company Awake to take the BRABUS Marine experience to the next level.


Beyond our collaboration partners, we rely on and maintain a carefully selected network of technology partners to aid us in the development and production of every single roadgoing BRABUS product. Over the years, we have proudly joined forces with industry leaders KW Suspensions, Continental Tires, MOTUL, Yokohama/Advan and Hankook – ensuring our supercars meet the highest standards. KW Suspension provides precision-crafted suspension systems for optimal handling, while Continental, Yokohama/Advan and Hankook deliver unmatched grip and durability courtesy of individual solutions in the area of high-performance tires. From the XLP 6x6 to the BRABUS ROCKET, MOTUL's high-performance lubricants have kept our engines running smoothly and reliably for over a decade.

Dealer- & cONTAcT request

If you have any questions or if there's anything we can assist you with, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly. For those seeking an authentic BRABUS partner closer to home, we invite you to explore our network of trusted dealers. They share our values and stand ready to provide you with the exceptional service our customers have come to expect worldwide. Discover BRABUS dealers near you.