BRABUS x Panerai

Two Unconventional Forces in High-Tech Luxury

When worlds collide – Luxury watchmaker Panerai enters into a collaboration with us, as a high-end tech-luxury brand. To celebrate the start of the partnership, Panerai debuts its first-ever skeletonized automatic movement in daring, high-end watches inspired by the design and power of the BRABUS series of fully brabusized dayboats.


“When we speak about partnership, it’s not just about a logo; it extends to the highest levels and smallest details. We offer each other complementary skill sets and synergies in terms of products, sales and key markets. The ideas, materials and technologies of our brands will be a vehicle for developing concepts that are both disruptive and spectacular. All of these elements will come together to create results and added value to the benefit of our clients, in terms of service, retail concepts and calibers.”


“When put side by side, the similarities in regard to design language and overall character of the Panerai Submersible and the BRABUS Marine line of dayboats are obvious and striking. Both are made to be functional and stylish tools for life in the marine environment and therefore this combination just makes sense.”

The match out of marine environment

Panerai and BRABUS, both unconventional forces in their respective fields, share a passion for and connection to the marine environment. The origin and history of Panerai is inseparably linked to the development of diving watches the character and design of which perfectly fits to the BRABUS “Black Ops” line of luxury dayboats.

Each bringing decades of experience to the table the two brands will work to create innovative products fitting the marine segment of each and to maximize the potential for new ideas, new technologies and new materials used in those products.

Panerai Submersible S BRABUS Editions

Find here the overview of our BRABUS X PANERAI collection and discover the breathtaking world of maritime passion.

PANERAI Submersible S


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PANERAI Submersible S

BRABUS Verde Militare Edition

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PANERAI Submersible S

BRABUS Experience Edition


PANERAI Submersible S 

BRABUS Blue Shadow Edition

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Panerai Submersible S

BRABUS Black Ops Edition

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