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BRABUS connects enthusiasts with the limitless potential of the world’s oceans, offering anyone the opportunity to create unforgettable memories without a single compromise in BRABUS typical sophistication and bespoke luxury. In collaboration with revolutionary electric surfboard company Awake, we’re bringing both fans and customers out on the waves like never before.

Founded in 2013, Awake’s mission is to create unique experiences for adventure seekers in search of their next thrill, making them a perfect fit for the co-development of an all-new BRABUS 1-Second-Wow effect. The first result of this partnership sets the tone – combining the best of both brands in an exclusive fusion of Black and Bold signature styling, confident performance and ease of use. This is the BRABUS x Awake Limited Edition Shadow Jetboard “One of 77”.

Developed to show you the world of water sports at its very best, the BRABUS Shadow Jetboard is a unique design and performance innovation as well as the ultimate tool to take your BRABUS Marine experience to the next level. Imagine the rush of pure adrenaline, the power of the fully electric propulsion system and the feeling of unrestricted freedom as you effortlessly glide across the water. It’s yours for the taking. Dare to dream. Dare to defy. Dare to experience the extraordinary. Brabusize the waves with the BRABUS x Awake Shadow Jetboard. Production is limited to 77 units worldwide.

Defined by Awake’s high-grade carbon fiber construction as well as all premium accessories, the BRABUS Shadow Jetboard is a cutting-edge electric surfboard with one key focus: versatility. Large carbon fiber fins offer exceptional drive at high speeds. Characteristically flexible, they allow for a dynamic but smooth ride, perfect for those looking to experience the board’s power at its absolute maximum. The specially designed deck pad ensures a secure grip while maintaining optimal riding comfort. The BRABUS Shadow Jetboard provides a stable and controlled first ride, and it scales with the user as they master the art of laidback cruising, carving or executing tricks.

Beyond a range of exclusive design innovations, the BRABUS Shadow Jetboard offers a variety of ride modes, the most powerful of which is the new BRABUS mode, guaranteeing acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3 seconds and a blistering top speed of 55+ km/h courtesy of Awake’s industry-leading inline low-intake jet system. Regardless of skill or experience, it is a reliable companion, allowing anyone from confident beginner to seasoned pro to explore the world of jet boarding with confidence.

Whether you're carving through the water, chasing the thrill of the ride, or cruising along the shoreline, the BRABUS Shadow Jetboard is an undeniable statement and your invitation to surf the world – BRABUS style. Lakes, rivers, glaciers or the open ocean, you have the power to discover them all. Every wave tells a story, every ride becomes an adventure and every sunset ride seals a memory that will last a lifetime.

Max Speed

55+ km/h | 34+ mph


179 cm | 5ft 10in


62 cm | 24.4in


25.7 cm | 10.1in

Jetboard Volume


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