Power 588 kW / 800 hp | Torque 1000 Nm | 0-100 km/h 4.1 s | Vmax 240 km/h / 149 mph
Fuel Economy* city 16,5 l/100km | highway 11,1 l/100km | combined 13,1 l/100km | CO2 299 g/km

BRABUS 800 Black & Gold EDition

The new BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD Edition. Visually, the new special model thrills with the strikingly styled BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody version with numerous carbon elements and 23-inch BRABUS Monoblock Y "Platinum Edition" hi-tech forged wheels painted gold to contrast with the black vehicle body.

This special color scheme continues consistently in the design of the exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior with rear bucket seats.

Exterior. Shining Bright.

Fitting the name of this special model, the body of the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION is painted black. In addition, it features golden brake calipers and golden BRABUS emblems and logotypes to match the interior. In addition, the looks of the vehicle are characterized by the BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody version. It gives the current G-Model an even more massive appearance and at the same time makes this exclusive off-roader ten centimeters (4 inches) wider than the production car. In addition to the fender flares, this bodywork modification also comprises special fasciae at the front and rear, which give this supercar an even more dynamic design. On this edition model, it also includes matte black air outlets aft of the front fender flares and the likewise black center sections of the front and rear fascia that are reminiscent of a skid plate.

Also part of a BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION are individual highlights such as the two golden struts in the radiator grille or the shiny naked-carbon design elements such as the top-mounted hood attachment or the LED light unit above the windshield.

Power & Sound. Outstanding Performance.

However, the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION special model captivates not only with thrilling looks and exclusive appointments, but also with high performance in its purest form. After the installation of two high-performance turbochargers and other modifications, the BRABUS 800 four-liter, twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine produces a peak output of 588 kW / 800 hp (789 bhp) at 6,600 rpm. Simultaneously, peak torque grows by 150 Nm (111 lb-ft): An impressive 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft) are on tap at a low 3,300 rpm. We exclusively use hi-tech lubricants from technology partner Motul for the entire powertrain.

The road performance of the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION is accordingly superior for a vehicle of this kind: From rest, the new BRABUS supercar sprints to a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.1 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 240 km/h (150 mph).

The superior performance is complemented by a thrilling exhaust note: Thanks to an integrated actively controlled exhaust flap, the BRABUS stainless sport exhaust system with two black chromed side pipes on each vehicle side offer an electronically controlled sound management with a choice between a discreet "Coming Home" mode or a markedly sporty V8 sound.

Wheels & Chassis. Gold Platinum.

The fender flares of the bodywork modification create space for the forged king-sized BRABUS Monoblock Y "PLATINUM EDITION" alloys of size 11Jx23 front and back. These wheels featuring nine spokes that taper off towards the outer edge of the wheel in the shape of a "Y" are also painted gold to match the model designation and are identified as high-end forged wheels with a "GOLD PLATINUM" badge on the outer flange. The size 305/35 R 23 Advan Sport high-performance tires are supplied by BRABUS technology partner YOKOHAMA.

Interior. individual handmade masterpieces.

The "BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION” badge on the handhold on the passenger's side is not the only thing to catch the eye immediately in the cockpit. The interior designers of the refinement specialist created an especially exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior for this supercar. Matching the paint finish, the interior is dominated by black leather, which was highlighted with golden BRABUS labels and a host of elements such as controls, air vents, loudspeaker grilles or surrounds, which all sport golden glazing.

The exquisite interior appointments also demonstrate the love of detail of the BRABUS upholstery shop's work: A typical example is the shell-shaped quilting on the seat surfaces and on parts of the door panels. In addition, all these leather-trimmed areas are perforated with pinpoint precision and additionally fascinate with the golden fabric that shimmers through the perforations and thereby brings the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION motto to life.

Carbon surrounds with high-gloss sealant emphasize the sporty design of this special model. Further exclusive BRABUS elements in the interior are the aluminum pedals and door-lock pins as well as the stainless scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo.

The BRABUS interior designers replace the stock seat bench in the rear with two bucket seats that offer numerous comfort features such as multi-contour adjustment, memory and integrated seat ventilation and heating.

Between the two rear seats is the new BRABUS center console, which was developed specifically for the current G-Class and, in line with the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION concept, was covered with black leather and golden elements. It serves as a comfortable armrest for the passengers in the rear. What is more: A 4.3-inch BRABUS Touch Control Panel was integrated into the top of the console within easy reach. 

This panel also provides access to the standard COMAND system of the G-Class. For example, it allows turning the sound system up or down or even muting it from the rear. The reading lights and the starry sky in the headliner can also be controlled with it.

A USB multimedia port, likewise integrated into the top of the console within easy reach, allows connecting a smartphone or tablet with the COMAND system and charging them, of course. Two cup holders cool or heat the drinks of the rear passengers. Another important feature of the console is the integrated strongbox. This drawer opens electrically to the front only after entering a code on the Touch Control Panel.

Equipment Highlights

Design & Exterior

front skirt with design underride element, rear skirt with design underride element , front and rear fender flares (front with integrated LED-illumination)
BRABUS Carbon Package Body
BRABUS Carbon hood add-on, matt
BRABUS Carbon roof top add-on with LED beam ligts, matt
BRABUS Carbon rear spoiler
BRABUS Carbon reardoor add-on to eliminate sparewheel, matt
BRABUS Carbon mirror covers, matt
BRABUS Carbon Design underride (front), matt
BRABUS Carbon Design underride (rear), matt
BRABUS frontgrille add-on in carbon matt
BRABUS Brand Package Exterior
BRABUS double-B insert for front grille
BRABUS emblem for radiator grille illuminated
BRABUS logotype for rear
BRABUS Special Equipment
BRABUS additional limiting strap for rear doors' aperture of 90° 
Doorhandles with integrated BRABUS lettering
BRABUS special painting of various plastic and chrome parts exterior

Power & Sound

BRABUS engine upgrade PowerXtra B40S-800 
588 kW (800 hp)
430 kW (585 hp)
Torque:1.000 Nm at 6.600 r/min.
BRABUS BoostXtra – Blow Off valve adapter
Exhaust System
BRABUS valve-controlled sports exhaust system

Wheels & Chassis

BRABUS Monoblock Y light alloy wheels forged - Gold Edition
Front axle: 11J x 23 H2 ET 25 spoke-design

Rear axle: 11J x 23 H2 ET 20 spoke-design
Tires 305/35 ZR 23 Yokohama Advan Sport (V105) 111Y XL
RDK Kit Schrader
BRABUS brake design matt-gold


BRABUS fine leather Interior consisting of:
Every supercar is a custom production and tailored to your preferences. Please contact us to compose your personal configuration.
For illustrative purposes on this supercar:

Colour: mondial-black with special stitching "shell"
BRABUS rear individual seats & BRABUS business center console
with memory-function, chauffeur circuit, heating- and ventilation function
 incl. 2 seperate cup holder cooled/heated, storage box with PIN operation 
BRABUS touch-control-panel for operating of: 
- seat adjustment / chauffeur circuit

- 2 reading lamps in the headliner

- volume control of COMAND

- USB charge connector / USB multi-media interface

- operation of storage box with PIN

- BRABUS analoque clock on home screen
BRABUS roof unit in rear, to display outside temperature, speed and time of day 
BRABUS Interior Package Accessoires
BRABUS doorlock pins aluminium 
BRABUS aluminium pedal pads 
BRABUS entrance panels Carbon in RGD-LED-technology
BRABUS Carbon shift-paddles 
BRABUS Interior Design-appointment in matt-gold
BRABUS Hidden Delight Interior Package
BRABUS Carbon Interior Packages
BRABUS interior carbon package I
(8 pcs. serial equipment)
BRABUS interior carbon package II
(5 pcs. in addition to serial equipment)
BRABUS interior carbon package III (3 pcs. in addition to serial equipment) 
BRABUS Carbon interior handle-set 
BRABUS starry night sky 
in the roof lining integrated LED lamps
for illustration of a glittering, starry night sky.
BRABUS Business & Multimedia Equipment
BRABUS speedometer 300 km/h / 186 mph 
BRABUS start-stop memory 

Performance & Fuel Economy

Technical Data

Engine size3.982 cm3
Power588 kW / 800 hp
Torque1000 Nm
0-100 km/h4.1 s
0-60 mph4.1 s
Vmax240 km/h / 149 mph

Fuel Economy

city16,5 l/100km
highway11,1 l/100km
combined13,1 l/100km
CO2 Emissions299 g/km


* All stated driving performance figures are approximate values. They depend on vehicle-specific details such as the vehicle model, equipment, curb weight, final-drive ratio, tire/wheel combination, transmission design and aerodynamic equipment of the individual vehicle. Details of performance upgrades and/or performance kits are average values. Deviations of +/- 5% are possible due to test conditions. Details about the total power output of factory engines modified with performance upgrades and/or performance kits are based on the manufacturer specifications in the vehicle title, which themselves can deviate by +/- 5%. BRABUS assumes no liability for reduced outputs of factory engines going beyond this. Subject to technical modifications without notice. The stated figures were determined in accordance with the prescribed measuring method (Directive 80/1268/EEC in the currently valid version). The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle and are not part of the offer, but are solely intended for comparison between different vehicle models. 

** Torque was electronically controlled.

Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy*
city 16,5 l/100km
highway 11,1 l/100km
combined 13,1 l/100km
CO2 299 g/km



* Determined based on the measured CO2 emissions in consideration of the vehicle mass.