Join us on a journey through time and discover the story of BRABUS in its entirety, where entrepreneurial vision transformed a determined man’s dream into a global luxury mobility brand. Explore the defining milestones, the insider stories and the cars that shaped a legacy.

first steps

Never work for money, work for passion. Every story has its humble beginnings. From a simple love for performance to a globally recognized luxury mobility brand, our story began with one man’s unwavering determination to one day turn his passion into a profession.




With his sights and ambitions set high, Bodo Buschmann officially opened the doors to his business in the early 1980s. With a dedicated team of trained experts by his side, the first-ever BRABUS cars were released and delivered across the country, igniting a new wave of automotive performance tuning and tailor-made luxury.




By the 1990s, the company was expanding rapidly, and BRABUS had become synonymous with next-level high performance. With the world, the industry and its technologies slowly becoming more and more advanced, Bodo Buschmann recognized the need for continuous growth, leading BRABUS towards bigger and better innovations.




The beginning of the new millennium marked the beginning of a new era of BRABUS high performance. Throughout the 2000s, we reached defining milestones, broke world records and released some of our history’s most ambitious projects to date, solidifying a reputation defined by a constant strive to push the boundaries further.




The 2010s were a decade of new horizons, new challenges and change. For better or worse, we relied on change as a catalyst for the next generation of BRABUS products. With an expanding team strategically positioned across the globe, we emerged as an international brand active in over 100 countries and established our footprint on the global stage.




Bodo Buschmann’s death in 2018 brought us face-to-face with our greatest challenge. But from a period of hardship and uncertainty rose a new chapter. Under the visionary leadership of Constantin Buschmann, we embarked on a path of modernization, introducing bigger and bolder 1-Second-Wow products while forging dynamic collaborations that have shaped us into the brand we are today.