BRABUS 700 - Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended

Power 515 kW / 700 hp | Torque 950 Nm | 0-100 km/h 4.6 s | Vmax 250 km/h / 155 mph
Fuel Economy* city 27,7 l/100km | highway 12,9 l/100km | combined 15,7 l/100km | CO2 358 g/km

Elegant. Luxurious. Uncompromising. BRABUS 700.

The BRABUS 700 is the highest level of modern elegance. An unmistakable 1-Second-Wow luxury limousine that with its uncompromising signature character ensures an unforgettable entrance, anywhere. Based for the first time on the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, the BRABUS 700 combines the worlds of breathtaking performance and timeless design like never before. It is the master class. The extravagance of modern refinement and bespoke individualization – designed to redefine perfection. 

Inside, our interior design experts developed a bespoke, fully handcrafted porcelain-colored leather Masterpiece interior, characterized by an extravagant square pattern quilting and unmatched attention to detail. The BRABUS 700’s next-level power is produced courtesy of a twin-turbocharged V12 engine configuration generating its namesake 515 kW / 700 hp and guaranteeing the best in performance engineering and power delivery.

This exclusive supercar is rounded off by our signature BRABUS exposed carbon exterior concept, 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock M "Platinum Edition" forged wheels with a signature "Shadow Chrome" finish as well as a newly developed BRABUS stainless steel quad sports exhaust system with full-carbon tailpipe trims for a subtle sound experience. Experience a new chapter of perfection. Experience the BRABUS 700.

Design & Exterior. Perfection redefined.

The exclusive design of the BRABUS 700 is reimagined by our signature exterior concept in combination with high-grade aerodynamic elements. Around the extravagant chassis, a range of high-end carbon elements such as the BRABUS front and lip spoilers as well as the BRABUS rear diffuser give the classic Rolls-Royce look a brand new, sporty appearance. These also reduce lift at high speeds for flawless stability and the best possible driving experience. 

Discretely placed BRABUS Masterpiece badges integrated on the D-pillars in concert with striking BRABUS "Shadow Chrome" glazed trim elements reimagine the base chrome and provide an unmistakable attention to detail.

Power & Sound. Next-level spirit.

The best of both worlds - The BRABUS 700 combines next-level luxury and staggering performance in signature BRABUS fashion. Designed to push the boundaries, this illustrious luxury limousine accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds courtesy of the 6.7-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine configuration producing its namesake 515 kW / 700 hp. The lightning-fast power transmission of the 950 Nm is provided by an eight-speed automatic transmission. With an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h, every tour with this cultivated high-performer becomes an unforgettable experience on the road, underlined by breathtaking comfort and next-level elegance.

The newly developed BRABUS stainless quad sports exhaust system with actively controlled butterfly valves and full-carbon tailpipe trims was designed to match the limousine’s striking sophistication by offering a tasteful and urbane sound experience, a striking new appearance as well as perfected power delivery through the reduction of exhaust backpressure. Active sound management allows the driver to switch between a mature V12 sound in ‘Sport’ mode and a subtle whisper in ‘Coming Home’ mode at the touch of a button.

Wheels & Chassis. Forged perfection.

The elegant and exceedingly sporty 1-Second-Wow character of the BRABUS 700 is underscored by 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock M "Platinum Edition" forged wheels. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and an exclusive "Shadow Chrome" finish ensure an unmistakable look and maximum strength. The lightweight design ensures improved stability as well as optimal handling. 

With the BRABUS Ride-Control module, the ride height can be lowered by up to 20 millimeters, significantly improving driving dynamics through a lower center of gravity.

Interior. Masterpiece Luxury.

In keeping with the next-level appearance of the BRABUS 700, our interior design specialists developed a bespoke, full handcrafted porcelain-colored BRABUS Masterpiece interior, conceptualized to tastefully round off the luxury limousine’s unmistakable elegance as well as its uncompromising power. Refined down to the last detail, the unique porcelain leather design impresses with its impeccable finish, complete with a special BRABUS square pattern quilting as well as contrasting black piping on the seats, trim elements and the floor mats, which are likewise upholstered in the finest leather.

Experience the apex of confident luxury; The BRABUS 700 features unmatched attention to detail as far as the eye can see. In the rear cabin, two first-class single seats with numerous comfort functions such as multi-contour adjustment, memory and integrated seat ventilation and heating offer exceptional on-board comfort in style. Polished stainless pedals, exposed-carbon scuff plates with BRABUS logo, which alternates between white and red backlighting, as well as the exposed-carbon elements for instrument panel, steering wheel and the center console add exceedingly sporty touches. The BRABUS 700 plays in a league of its own, able to be configured individually in every detail. From the color scheme of the bodywork and the interior to the finest topstitching and quilting elements – your journey awaits. Limited only by your imagination.

Equipment highlights

Design & Exterior

BRABUS Carbon Package Body
BRABUS  Carbon front spoiler
BRABUS Carbon front fascia attachments
BRABUS Carbon rear insert with 4 carbon/titanium exhaust tips
BRABUS Carbon rear spoiler
BRABUS Special painting of plastic parts in "Shadow Chrome"
BRABUS Brand Package Exterieur
BRABUS logo for front grille
BRABUS logo for trunk
BRABUS logotype on trunk
BRABUS MASTERPIECE logo on d-pillars

Power & Sound

BRABUS performance increase PowerXtra RR68-700
+ 95 kW / 129 HP +100 NM
515 kW / 700 HP
420 kW / 571 HP
950 Nm
850 Nm
Exhaust System
BRABUS valve controlled sport exhaust system

Wheels & Chassis

BRABUS Monoblock M "Platinum Edition" forged
in "Shadow Chrome" special paint
Front axle: 9.0J x 22 H2
Rear axle: 10.5J x 22 H2
Front axle: 265/35 ZR 22
Rear axle:: 305/30 ZR 22 
BRABUS Sport Xtra lowering module
 lowering ride level of 20mm


BRABUS MASTERPIECE Interior contains:
Every supercar is a custom production and tailored to your preferences. Please contact us to compose your personal configuration.
For illustrative purposes on this Masterpiece: Fine leather Interior in color:  "Mondial Vanilla" with black seams
Quilting: Double cube
Front seats with headrests, rear single seats incl. headrests, back cover of seats & sidebags in leather
Door panels in leather
Door panel inner parts in leather quilted
Sun visors in leather
A-, B- and C- pillar in leather
Dashboard in leather
Middle console front and fond in leather
Floor in quilted leather
Trunk floor in quilted leather
Steering wheel in leather
Steering wheel airbag in leather 
BRABUS Trunk mat in Velours
BRABUS special glazing for interior trim parts in 
BRABUS Interior Carbon Package
BRABUS Signature Carbon set 24-pieces
BRABUS Interior Package Accessiores
BRABUS Carbon entrance panels LED illuminated with automatic color change
BRABUS Aluminium pedal pads

Performance & Fuel Economy

Technical Data

Engine size6592 cm3
Power515 kW / 700 hp
Torque950 Nm
0-100 km/h4.6 s
0-60 mph4.6 s
Vmax250 km/h / 155 mph

Fuel Economy

city27,7 l/100km
highway12,9 l/100km
combined15,7 l/100km
CO2 Emissions358 g/km


*All listed performance figures are approximate values. They depend on vehicle-specific details such as the vehicle type, equipment, tare weight, rear-axle ratio, wheel-tyre combinations, transmission type and aerodynamic equipment of the specific car. Figures about performance increases and/or performance kits are to be understood as average values. Test-dependent divergences of +/- 5% are possible. Figures about the overall performance of changed factory engines through performance increases and/or performance kits are based on the manufacturer's data listed in the vehicle regristration document. They can vary by +/- 5%. BRABUS does not warrant any further reduced performance of factory engines. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. These values were determined using the prescribed measurement procedure (directive 80/1268/EEC in its currently valid version). The details are not based on a single vehicle, and do not form a component of the offer, but serve only for purposes of comparison between different vehicle types. 

Efficiency & Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy*
city 27,7 l/100km
highway 12,9 l/100km
combined 15,7 l/100km
CO2 358 g/km



* Determined based on the measured CO2 emissions in consideration of the vehicle mass.