BRABUS Rocket 1000 "1 of 25" - Based on Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance

BRABUS Rocket 1000 "1 of 25" - The Rocket Revolution.

16.02.2024 - Where can we take it from here? A question that fans and customers around the world have asked us again and again finally has an answer: 1.000 horsepower. For the first time in our history, we present a BRABUS Rocket with four-digit performance figures, specially developed to explore the final frontier. It’s bold. It’s out of this world. It’s the most powerful chapter of the BRABUS Rocket legacy to date and a 1-Second-Wow effect that defies convention.

The superlative begins at the front, where the carbon front apron creates perfect transitions to the wide carbon front fenders. The integrated carbon front spoiler with raised side flaps reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds. Inspired by the design of the original 2006 BRABUS Rocket, the hybrid supercar also features carbon aero-blades integrated around the apron’s large air inlets to optimize the direction of airflow to the wheels as well as the front brakes. Two carbon ram air intakes integrated on the left and right of the BRABUS radiator grill supply the V8 with cold air and, in combination with the red illuminated Rocket Launch Ambience Light, create another unmistakable detail.

Equipped with the new BRABUS Rocket 1000 4.5-liter V8 increased displacement engine, the combination of combustion and electric drive technology makes the BRABUS Rocket 1000 the most powerful supercar in over four decades of BRABUS history. Together, the two engines develop a system output of 736 kW / 1,000 hp as well as a massive maximum torque of 1,820 Nm. To protect the power transmission components, the torque is electronically limited to 1,620 Nm.

Another essential element of the BRABUS 1000’s unique widebody concept is its wheels. Equipped with extremely wide SportContact 7 high-performance tires supplied by Continental, the four-door hybrid supercar reaches top speeds of over 300 km/h with absolute ease. The BRABUS Monoblock P forged wheels round off the Rocket’s otherworldly appearance, boasting a size of 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the rear.

A tribute to the fine art of bespoke artisanship, the BRABUS Rocket 1000 features a complete Masterpiece interior, handcrafted by our team of skilled interior specialists with uncompromising attention to detail. A particularly soft, breathable black leather defined by the BRABUS “Ellipse” quilting pattern covers the entire cabin. Several sections of the front and rear seats, as well as the sun visors, feature the BRABUS "Heritage" brand pattern, which, with its embossed "77" logo, is a reminder of the year 1977 and the founding of BRABUS.

BRABUS Rocket 1000 "1 of 25" - based on Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance
Fuel Economy - combined: 9,6 l/100 km, Power consumption: 13,9 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions: 218 g/km, efficiency class: B.

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