21.06.2021 -Full of power, BRABUS Automotive started an all-new adventure. Together with the INVICTO Pure, the INVICTO Luxury and the INVICTO Mission, we went on a voyage of discovery. The starting point was the Supercar-Hotspot Dubai, where we spent a few days demonstrating the off-road suitability of the INVICTO special protection vehicles based on the current G-Class in the desert. A home game for our off-roaders with armor and reinforced chassis. However, not only the desert challenged our vehicles – so did world-famous car influencer Supercarblondie, who was on the road with the INVICTOs in Dubai. You can find her driving report HERE .

Then we went on to Abu Dhabi, the dazzling capital of the United Arab Emirates, where we celebrated the UAE premiere in front of an impressive backdrop with invited international guests at the Emirates Palace, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

What makes the INVICTO vehicles special is that they are fully certified, special protection conversions in protection class VR6 with blast protection, yet they’re armor is almost completely invisible. On one hand, the INVICTO’s fully integrated Shelter Cell offers optimal protection, depending on the equipment variant complete with exclusive BRABUS features or military-compatible interior as well as exterior features, but on the other hand also a real lifestyle and unrestricted suitability for everyday use.

They were exciting days full of adventure with the most reliable and safest companion. And the INVICTO tour continues ...

Become part of an unforgettable event and visit our social media channels as well as our website to discover impressions and reports of the trip.

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