Restoring a 280 SL Pagoda

280 SL PagodA

Superior power delivery paired with sporty elegance: The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda SL presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 1963 caused quite a stir and not only among insiders. The 230 SL was the world's first sports car with an innovative safety body. The further advanced 280 SL came off the production line from 1968 until 1971. At its launch, the two-seater roadster impressed with unparalleled comfort, exceptional performance and unprecedented driving safety for a sports car. Visually, the concave removable coupe top designed by Paul Braque is reminiscent of the upturned roofs of Asian temples – which instantly gave rise to the "Pagoda“ moniker. BRABUS now resurrects this legend with the one-of-a-kind BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration.

Each BRABUS 6-Star Restoration always starts with the complete disassembly of the base vehicle in our workshop. Each part is inspected, indexed and every serviceable components is carefully reconditioned and returned to an as-new state. Missing or worn out components are replaced with newly manufactured genuine Mercedes parts. The result after thousands of hours of labor is astonishing. A unique investment offering incomparable driving fun.


After the chemical paint removal, experienced master bodywork specialists recondition the body shell and give it a cataphoretic dip primer coating (CDP) as can be found on modern production vehicles. The thus achieved comprehensive corrosion protection using state-of-the-art paint protection technologies is enhanced with a perfect paint job in the original color. To ensure the value retention in future as well, all cavities of the vehicle are sealed.

The bodywork is completed with perfectly restored chrome details such as bumpers, chrome trim and badges, which are fine-tuned for a precise fit one last time before the final chrome plating is applied. The lenses of the headlamps are replaced as are the windshield and the windows.

Engine & Technical Equipment

While work on the body is going on, the experts in the BRABUS hi-tech engine shop disassemble the engine of the Pagoda and measure all components. The restoration of the classic's engine is carried out with absolute precision. The drivetrain with transmission, driveshaft and differential is rebuilt with the same diligence: Springs and shock absorbers are returned to new condition, springs and shock absorbers are replaced and all axles are fitted with new bearings. Of course, all electrical components are overhauled or replaced and a new wire harness is installed – this is the only way to ensure optimal active safety after the restoration.


Perfect even where it isn't immediately apparent. All underbody paneling is painted in the original color as it was done at the factory at the time. Everything is reconditioned meticulously and thoroughly and returned to mint condition. A final sealer coat on the entire underbody provides optimal protection. The underbody is also waxed by request. The result is flawless. Ideal for use on the road – or in your living room? For your very own favorite spot.


The interior of the highest quality is crafted in the company upholstery shop to original specifications in exactly the same color and with the same surface finish as once in series production. Every inch of the exquisite fabric, leather and flooring materials is finished with consummate perfection and accurate in every detail. This model is fitted with the embossed braided leather structure of the original. The soft-top manufactured in the original color completes the high-quality renovation. Of course, the hardtop included ex-factory is also returned to mint condition.

love of detail

After several thousand hours of labor, this Mercedes classic is completed. An automotive gem rebuilt from the ground up with the highest precision, perfectionism and great love of detail. As authentic as then, as reliable as never before.


BRABUS Classic Two-Year Warranty

The world’s only two-year warranty for 6-Star restored classic cars