BRABUS x Hankook

Premium tire manufacturer Hankook is official BRABUS technology partner

05.10.2023 - Hankook Tire was founded in Seoul in 1941 and has developed over the past eight decades into one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, now with eight production sites and five development centers around the globe.

From now on, BRABUS will also assemble high-performance tires from Hankook on its alloy wheels with diameters of up to 23 inches. In the first step, this will primarily be the premium summer UHP tire Ventus S1 evo 3 and the UUHP tire Ventus S1 evo Z. Both are distinguished from other modern tires by their high-strength, aramid-reinforced hybrid belts. This sophisticated construction not only offers particularly high grip, but also especially large safety reserves on both dry and wet roads. As a winter tire for many BRABUS automobiles, the new partners rely on the ultra-high-performance Winter i*cept evo 3 tire. 

"As a result of numerous test drives with various BRABUS supercars on test and race tracks and, of course, on the road, we decided to include premium manufacturer Hankook in our program," explains BRABUS CTO Jörn Gander. "Their wide-ranging program allows us to equip a broad range of BRABUS monoblock wheels and thus a variety of different vehicles with Hankook tires. But another criterion for this cooperation for us was that our new technology partner will also develop special tires for us that will be precisely tailored to the specific, enormously high requirements of future BRABUS supercars."

We are looking forward to exciting projects and to the future of our joint partnership.

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