Tuning for Mercedes-Benz E-Class W/S 214

Individualization program for the new E-Class

16.05.2024 - Elevate your driving experience and dive into the world of BRABUS with our brand-new individualization program for the W/S 214 series Mercedes-Benz E-Class. From a selection of exclusive BRABUS exterior and interior highlights to a specially developed BRABUS PowerXtra performance upgrade for increased power and agility on the road, we are excited to introduce owners of the AMG line Saloon and Estate models to a new spectrum of sporty elegance for their vehicle.

For an instant 1-Second-Wow effect, the new BRABUS individualization program features a range of tailormade exterior components made from high-grade polyurethane. The BRABUS front spoiler infuses the E-Class with a more striking appearance, while minimizing lift at the front axle, which further optimizes driving stability at high speeds. In addition, the unique front view is visually enhanced courtesy of the dynamically curved BRABUS outer trim inserts featuring integrated daytime running lights on the left and right of the fascia. At the rear, four BRABUS typical rounded black-chrome tailpipes with a diameter of 90 millimeters integrate seamlessly into the design.

Naturally, the BRABUS portfolio for the new Mercedes E-Class also includes a specially developed performance upgrade. Adapted to the vehicle's engine electronics using direct plug-and-play technology, the BRABUS PowerXtra D22 module raises the peak power output of the Mercedes-Benz E 220 d configuration to 169 kW / 230 hp and a maximum torque of 480 Nm. This makes the upgraded turbodiesel much more agile on the road: from a standstill, the Saloon variant accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds. Its top speed is raised to 243 km/h.

Tailormade Monoblock forged wheels are an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to add that extra touch of BRABUS exclusivity to their vehicle. The Estate shown here is equipped with 21-inch BRABUS Monoblock Z “Platinum Edition” ten-spoke rims fitted with 255/35 ZR 21 and 285/30 ZR 21 Continental SportContact 7 tires. State-of-the-art forging as well as CNC machining technologies ensure a perfect combination of light-weight construction and maximum wheel strength. The vehicle can be lowered by up to 15 millimeters courtesy of the BRABUS SportXtra suspension module.

Inside the cabin, attention to detail is king. The new BRABUS individualization program offers door sill trims in two different versions: one with white illuminated BRABUS lettering, the other in a variant in which the BRABUS lettering is illuminated in 64 different colors analogous to the standard ambient lighting. BRABUS aluminum pedals set further sporty accents. High-quality BRABUS velour covers for the footwells and trunk elicit an even finer ambience out of the interior.

BRABUS D22 - based on Mercedes-Benz E 220 d
Consumption - combined: 5,7 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 149 g/km, Efficiency class: D.

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