BRABUS 820 - Based on Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupé

Testing the All-New BRABUS 820

21.07.2022 - Before our BRABUS supercars receive the approval to hit the roads, each one must pass a rigorous and exceedingly thorough testing phase to ensure that our customers around the world receive the best. Utilizing state of the art technology, tools as well over four decades of automotive experience, exclusive luxury Masterpieces like the all-new BRABUS 820 based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupe are assessed on their quality and functionality with pinpoint precision as well as the highest level of detail. Fitted with the SportContact 7, Continental’s latest high-performance tire, our team of trained experts led by BRABUS CTO Jörn Gander brought the BRABUS 820 to Meppen, Germany.

Equally as important as the appropriate technology and facilities is an appropriate test pilot. Seasoned Porsche Supercup driver Lance David Arnold took the wheel of the BRABUS 820, ensuring that every steering input made on the test track resulted in the most accurate and most reliable measurements. Going around  Meppen’s iconic race park, the supercar’s general performance, its handling, suspension as well as its engine and tire behavior were tested in detail – scoring exceptional results in all categories.

"This is an all-purpose precision tool that just masters everything." - LANCE David Arnold

At BRABUS, the best isn’t a promise; it’s a guarantee. Testing our products using the facilities available here at our headquarters and at countless innovative institutions around the country allows us to ensure that every supercar that rolls through our production meets our high standards of perfection. We’d also like to thank Continental, our tuning partners and the management of the Meppen Race Park for their continued collaboration and trust.

BRABUS 820 - based on Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupé
Fuel Economy - city 15,2 l/100km | highway 8,9 l/100km | combined 11,3 l/100km | CO2 Emissions 257 g/km | CO2-efficency class G

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