2021 continued the trend of pushing the boundaries in typical BRABUS fashion. The BRABUS 92R debuted as a compact urban city car, boasting dynamic all-electric drive technology and distinctive styling limited to just 50 units worldwide. The BRABUS 800, based on the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S, became the face of understated BRABUS high-performance with its all-black styling and 800 horsepower. The BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition, based on the Mercedes-AMG G 63, took the BRABUS ROCKET to entirely new heights as the first G-Class-based supercar to bear the designation. In collaboration with Panerai, we introduced the limited-edition PANERAI Submersible S BRABUS Black Ops Edition watch, bringing together the world of premium horology with the BRABUS design DNA. Closing the year with a bang, the BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition, based on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S, achieved world record-breaking top speeds at the 2021 Papenburg 3000 High-Performance event.


City driving reimagined. Developed to reimagine modern city driving, the BRABUS 92R premieres as a unique urban compact supercar in 2021. Fascinating not only with its dynamic all-electric drive as well as its performance-enhanced 68 kW / 92 hp with various driving modes, it also features extravagant BRABUS styling in a striking black and red design. Production is limited to only 50 units worldwide.

BRABUS 800 (E 63 S)

The BRABUS 800 is revealed in 2021 as a striking 1-Second-Wow effect combining all-black urban sophistication and BRABUS typical performance. Its namesake twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter BRABUS V8 engine delivers 588 kW / 800 hp. The supercar sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. Based on the Mercedes-AMG E 63S facelift, the BRABUS 800 is pure understated power, impressing with an aerodynamic full carbon exterior concept, 21-inch BRABUS Monoblock Z forged wheels and a calve-controlled BRABUS sports exhaust system. 


Ready for takeoff! For decades, the BRABUS ROCKET designation has stood for uncompromising power. In the early summer of 2021, we expand the Rocket legacy by combining the performance of a track-ready supercar with the towering size and rugged dependability of the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class for the very first time. Based on the Mercedes-AMG G 63, the Geländewagen redefines the top-end of the BRABUS supercar catalogue at the time. Featuring a newly developed aerodynamic enhancement concept and the latest in BRABUS performance engineering headlined by the twin-turbocharged 4.5-liter BRABUS 900 V8 increased-displacement engine producing 662 kW / 900 hp, the BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition charges from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited to 280 km/h.


Panerai and BRABUS – both unconventional forces in their respective fields, united by a shared passion for the marine sector. Since its conception, the expert Italian watchmaker has been inseparably linked to the development and design of premium dive watches, thus making them a perfect match for the world of BRABUS luxury day boating. The partnership is officially announced in the summer of 2021, alongside the world premiere of Panerai’s first-ever skeletonized automatic movement, inspired in every detail by the BRABUS Shadow series of high-end superboats.

The PANERAI Submersible S BRABUS Black Ops Edition. Built in a limited series of 100 units, this 47mm timepiece combines the design philosophies of both brands in a unique way. Its Carbotech case houses a striking skeleton movement that pays tribute to the technical character of our BRABUS high-performance engines and perfectly showcases Panerai’s precise watchmaking artisanship. Waterproof at up to 300 meters and equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel for the calculation of immersion time, a GMT function, an AM/PM indicator, a three-day power reserve indicator and bidirectional winding capabilities, the Panerai Submersible S BRABUS Black Ops Edition is designed to be worn on the waves.


Towards the end of 2021, Continental Tires once again invites some of the biggest names among the German tuning elite to the Papenburg 3000 High-Performance event and, of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go record hunting with the latest BRABUS ROCKET at the time: the BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition, based on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63S.

Equipped with the twin-turbocharged 4.5-liter BRABUS 900 V8 increased-displacement engine producing 662 kW / 900 hp and Continental’s SportContact 6 performance tires, the supercar rolls up to the start line. The goal: to go as fast as possible over a distance of 3000 meters. The result? 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 324.71 km/h, making it the fastest street legal SUV in the world at the time. A record previously held by the BRABU GLK V12 in 2009.

next Year

A year of changes: The BRABUS family grows. In 2022, other luxury car manufacturers find their way into the BRABUS product portfolio alongside Mercedes-Benz & smart.