Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition"

Monoblock Z "Platinum Edition" – the new hi-tech forged wheels from BRABUS. The type designation "Z" stands for an innovative ten-spoke styling. The wheels are manufactured using a hi-tech forging process and combine maximum strength with minimum weight.

Like all BRABUS wheels, manufactured with outstanding precision in the highest quality (OEM standard), fitted with BRABUS signet and milled "Geschmiedet" ("Forged") seal.

This Brabus wheel-tire combination is suitable for all Porsche 911 (Type 992) vehicles with center lock.

BRABUS alloy wheels are ready for use with the original tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Vehicles with active TPMS system require the appropriate tire sensors (part number RDK-PO1).

Tire Sizes Monoblock Z 21" (Front axle) & Monoblock Z 22" (Rear axle):

  • 9.5J x 21H2 ET 35, tire size 255/30 R 21 (FA)

  • 12J x 22H2 ET 65, tire size 335/25 R 22 (RA)

Please note: The purchase and installation of these wheels may require checking for sufficient clearance of the complete tire/wheel combination under all load and operating conditions. No TÜV technical work required.

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Front axle: Wheel seperately 21" excluding tires
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Rear axle: Wheel seperately 22" excluding tires
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