PowerXtra B40S-600 - S 580 Maybach

BRABUS extra power for your vehicle: The BRABUS PowerXtra B40S-600 consists of two BRABUS special turbochargers with larger compressor unit (ΓΈ 52 mm) and two modified trunk groups with reinforced axial bearings. The performance upgrade is complemented by the BRABUS PowerXtra auxiliary control units for the engine electronics of the S580 4Matic. The control units are supplied with plug & play wiring harnesses that can be used to adapt the control units to the standard engine electronics.

The kit is available for delivery.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h:

  • 4.2 s (stock 4.4 s)

Performance increase:

  • 800 Nm (stock 700 Nm)
  • 441 kW/600 hp (stock 370 kW/503 hp)

Top speed:

  • Vmax: 250 km/h / 155 mph (stock 250 km/h / 155 mph)

All given performance figures are approximate values and depend on specific details such as vehicle type, equipment, tare weight, final gear reduction in the rear axle, wheel/ tyre combinations, gearbox and aerodynamic add-ons of the vehicle.

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