Certified vehicle armouring INVICTO

Fully certified explosion and ballistic resistant armouring for your G-Class referring to armouring level VR6 plus ERV. The ballistic protection is referring to VPAM test guidelines BRV 2009 (VR6 / calibre 7,62 x 39). The side blast protection is in line with the VPAM test guidelines ERV 2010 and so the explosion resistance is at the level of a luxury state limousine.

The INVICTO Shelter Cell with its “zero-joint design” was engineered for a maximum protective effect corresponding to the level of OEM factory armouring. Every single material pairing and screw connection was tested during the development phase, while being shot at from several angles and at projectile speeds which are well beyond the standard speed of the calibre being protected against. Furthermore, individual assembly groups underwent several detonations in a so-called detonation frame in preliminary tests. Finally the complete vehicle was extensively approved by the German Beschussamt Ulm and certified referring to the mentioned VPAM test guidelines.

INVICTO Shelter Cell, consisting of:

  • Hot formed armour steel plates

  • Bullet resistant supply ducts from inside to outside

  • 3D printed protection elements

  • Fabric structures, fibre structures, ceramic and metallic composites

  • Complete bulletproof glazing composites

  • Window lifter front left and right

  • Chassis adaptation

  • Reinforced high-performance brakes

  • 20” heavy duty wheels

  • Tires with runflat system

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