BRABUS Black & Gold Style Interior

Luxury to the fullest. Black leather combined with golden accents and the unique starry sky create a royal appearance. All leather-trimmed areas are perforated with pinpoint precision and additionally fascinate with the golden fabric that shimmers through the perforations and thereby brings the BLACK & GOLD motto to life.

Carbon surrounds with high-gloss sealant combined with golden BRABUS labels and a host of elements such as controls, air vents, loudspeaker grilles or surrounds, which all sport golden glazing. Further exclusive BRABUS elements in the interior are the aluminum pedals and door-lock pins as well as the carbon scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo. The package is rounded off by the BRABUS single seat system with center console that offers extensive comfort and multimedia possibilities.

Workmanship, altitudinous precision and the use of BRABUS fine leather / BRABUS mastic leather distinguishes the unique Interior.

The BRABUS Style Interior variants can freely be combinated and replenished with other BRABUS fine leather articles.

Price on request