PowerXtra D3 – E 220 d All-Terrain

All-Terrain performance kit based on the E 220 d All-Terrain consists of a processor-driven auxiliary control module for the engine control unit. In addition to a bump in peak torque from 400 Nm to 450 Nm, the rated output jumps by 20 kW/28 hp from 143 kW/194 hp to 163 kW/222 hp. The plug-and-play control unit is adapted to the standard engine management. The kit is available for delivery.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h:

  • E-Class: Wagon 7.7 s (stock 8.0 s)

Performance increase:

  • 450 Nm (stock 400 Nm) 163 kW/222 hp (stock 143 kW/194 hp)

Top speed:

  • 235 km/h / 146 mph (stock 231 km/h / 143 mph)

All given performance figures are approximate values and depend on specific details such as vehicle type, equipment, tare weight, final gear reduction in the rear axle, wheel/ tyre combinations, gearbox and aerodynamic add-ons of the vehicle.

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