14.02.2022 - For the first time, the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin won the 2022 motor boat award in the Sports Utility Vessels (SUVs) category. Jurors of the annual competition hosted by renowned British marine magazine Motor Boat & Yachting tested the flagship model of our fleet of fully brabusized day boats through various sea trials and assessed its performance in meeting the requirements of its target market with regard to its size, price point and style – describing it as “the ultimate user friendly super boat.”

Following the announcement, BRABUS CEO Constantin Buschmann shared: “I believe it is one of our greatest achievements at BRABUS Marine so far and I’m super proud of winning that price. Thank you very much to Motor Boat & Yachting for making us one of the three finalists and choosing us as a winner. […] An absolutely magnificent boat, one of the best ones we’ve built so far and there is more to come.”
 – Constantin Buschmann, BRABUS

Axopar and BRABUS Marine founding partner, Jan-Erik Viitala was quoted as saying the following about the award and the partnership between the two brands: “The BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin is bringing out the best of both worlds, functionality and style of an Axopar fused with the strong presence of luxury, power and performance of a BRABUS product. We are so delighted that the jury has recognized what our close collaboration with the world leading supercar manufacturer is all about.” – Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar

the BRABUS Shadow 900 series

The third generation of BRABUS Marine day boats includes the BRABUS Shadow 900 and Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin as well as their respective BRABUS Shadow 900 and Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin Black  Ops limited editions – defined by exclusivity, confident marine performance and next-level on board luxury no matter the destination. 

This determined line of power cruisers ensures an instant 1-Second Wow factor with its signature ‘Black and Bold’ design cues and unmatched go-anywhere capabilities. Courtesy of Mercury Marine's twin 450R Verado XL 4,6-liter V8 four-stroke engines producing a combined 900 hp, the boat gets both its name and an unrelenting top speed of over 60 knots.

More about this YEar motor boat Award

The Motor Boat Awards are one of the most renowned international boating awards in the industry, held annually since 2007 by Motor Boat & Yachting. An expert jury is thoroughly testing hundreds of boats over months on rigorous sea trials to see how well the boats are meeting the market requirements and demands in relation to size, design and ability, and value for money - taking the boat buyer’s interests very closely to heart.

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