Papenburg 3000 - Best of BRABUS 2021

RECORD BREAKER ROCKET brabus 900 rocket editioN

08.10.2021 - When Continental and AUTOBILD SPORTSCARS sent out invites to the Papenburg 3000 event, we of course would not miss the opportunity to go record hunting with our latest model. For the third time, the German tuning elite met at the 3000 meters of Papenburg, one of the largest test tracks in all of Europe. Another five well-known German tuners started with us: AC Schnitzer, MTM, Techart, 9FF and Klasen Motors. The goal - to find out what speed can be achieved over a distance of 3000 meters. 

The special feature: there are no regulations, apart from the specification of a standing start and a specified tire selection with Continental Sport-Contact 6. 
In 2009, we set the world speed record for a street-legal SUV with our 750 hp GLK V12 and proud 322.3 km / h - at that time still in Nardò. Reason enough to launch our latest model, even before its world premiere: the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION, based on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63S 4 MATIC+ Coupé. 

An SUV against the sports car competition? Definitely a challenge. With the displacement increase from 4 to 4.5 liters, the Rocket brings 900 horsepower and 1250 Newton meters up to racing speed. We put our record driver from 2009, Dirk Berkenkopf, in the cockpit so that the Rocket ship could be piloted by an experienced racing driver, even at high speeds. When asked how the sprint went, Berkenkopf replied: "Totally relaxed with a massage function in the seat. Jokes aside, the thrust is gigantic, it just doesn't stop." 

The result? 324.71 km / h and thus the fastest SUV in the world, or as Guido Naumann of AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS writes: "BRABUS once again demonstrated its speed competence and hammered the massive unit through the oval at an unbelievable 324 km / h."

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