BRABUS Collection 2021


BRABUS launches "G Capsule Collection"

22.10.2020 - BRABUS is no longer just a luxury automobile manufacturer, but a lifestyle brand with a wide range of products.

Starting off with a modern Brandwear Collection as well as a limited Capsule Collection, the brand moves its way into fashion.

The new Brandwear Collection consisting of well-made T-Shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts, transforms the BRABUS feeling into cozy ready to wear fashion pieces with attention to detail.

The first Capsule Collection is themed around the iconic BRABUS G V12 and features a selection of outstanding pieces. The highlight is the ‚G 900 Bomber Jacket‘ made of 100 % wool, with insulating lining and an abstract G 900 application on the back.

All clothes are made in Portugal and are now available on

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