BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition - the Heart of the Ocean

BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition

28.04.2022 - Our latest high-end day boat from the BRABUS Shadow Range celebrates its exclusive world premiere. The BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition was developed specifically for those who want to experience the magic of confident maritime high performance. It combines BRABUS' signature go-anywhere performance with smooth, comfortable handling - without compromise. 

Following the success of the BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops Limited Edition, the new ultra-elegant BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition makes every day on the waves an unforgettable experience in the best BRABUS style.

In cooperation with the world-renowned watch manufacturer Panerai, the new Panerai Submersible S BRABUS Blue Shadow Edition will be released simultaneous, which is based on the exclusive design of the BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition.

Continuing the legacy of the award-winning BRABUS Shadow 900 range, this exclusive Signature Edition is packed with a range of premium features and details, from the distinctive Deep Blue paint finish - a result of intricate trim, paint and polishing processes - to the intelligent and innovative use of space.  

The BRABUS Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition's namesake 900 horsepower is generated by twin Mercury Marine 450R 4.6-liter V8 Four Stroke racing engines. While easily reaching over 60 knots, the dynamic superboat is also one of the top choices for handling and ride quality.

“An embodiment of timeless elegance and Brabus Marine’s quintessential rip-roaring power, the Deep Blue is bound to turn heads in the marina and on open water. The new edition stands out through an evocative colour scheme, inspired by the mysterious depths of the world’s oceans, and an ultra-comfortable new lounge option for enlarged social space. The premium BRABUS Platinum upholstery and intense blue carbon accents complement the boat’s striking deep blue hull and together create the ultimate signature look of this new edition,” said Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar and BRABUS Marine founding partner.

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