300 SL Roadster

300 SL ROADSTER (W 198)

Sophia Loren, Tony Curtis, and Clark Gable: these are just a few of the many famous owners of the sleek sports car. The 300 SL Roadster had a top speed of up to 250 km/h and celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in 1957. The successor to the already legendary 300 SL Gullwing was technically largely identical to the coupe, but delivered improved handling. Only 1,858 of these automotive gems were ever built. BRABUS returns this legendary dream car to its old glory with an unparalleled BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration: The vehicle is completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt, reconditioned in line with the "matching numbers" principle, and by the time all work is completed is restored to new condition with the highest precision and great love of detail. The result: an investment on wheels that will make you happy.


The body is first separated from the frame and then both are measured meticulously before the paint is chemically removed from them one at a time. After the paint has been removed, experienced BRABUS experts rework the body shell made in part from aluminum. Cataphoretic dip priming (CDP) ensures complete corrosion protection using state-of-the-art paint protection technologies. The last step involves enhancing the bodywork of the super-lightweight ("SL") with the perfect paint job in the original color. The sealing of all body cavities guarantees the vehicle will retain its value in future as well. The lenses of the headlamps are replaced as are the windshield and the windows. After being fine-tuned for a precise fit, the bumpers, chrome trim and badges are perfectly reconditioned and in part are given new chrome plating. The exquisite chrome details add the finishing touches to this exceptional classic.

Engine & Technical Equipment

The engine of the roadster is restored by the BRABUS experts with utmost care and precision. The BRABUS drivetrain technicians recondition the transmission, driveshaft and differential with the same precision as the suspension and brakes: All components are in an as-new condition after the restoration work is completed. Springs and shock absorbers are replaced, all axles are fitted with new bearings. To ensure reliable and safe driving fun after the restoration, all electrical components are overhauled or replaced and a new wire harness is installed.

FRAME & Underbody

As on the original, the frame is given a nitro paint coat and, as was done at the Mercedes factory, is partially wrapped and insulated with a scuff protector. All underbody paneling and the inside of the fender wells are painted in the original color. The result is so perfect that you can see your reflection and that of the asphalt. A sealer coat on the entire underbody provides optimal protection and the underbody is also waxed by request.


The interior of the highest quality is crafted in the company upholstery shop to original specifications. Every inch of the exquisite fabric, leather and flooring materials in exactly the same color and with the same surface finish as in series production at the time is finished with consummate perfection. If the original vehicle came with a luggage set, it also is restored to manufacturer's specifications by the experts or one is newly produced to these specifications. A special eye-catcher with a unique historical flair. If the vehicle was delivered with an original hardtop, it is of course also included in the scope of the restoration.

love of detail

After several thousand hours of labor, this Mercedes classic is completed. An automotive gem rebuilt from the ground up with the highest precision, perfectionism and great love of detail. As authentic as then, as reliable as never before.


BRABUS Classic Two-Year Warranty

The world’s only two-year warranty for 6-Star restored classic cars