BRABUS @ Continental High Performance Event 2020

BRABUS @ Continental High Performance event 2020

13.02.2020 -When it gets cold and smooth, our technology partner Continental invites to his winter event again. This year the test drives took place again on a frozen lake in Rovaniemi, Finland. Arrived specially from our headquarters in Bottrop - the BRABUS B35S.
The test driver? None other than YouTube-Star Shmee150 (Tim Burton), who pushed our vehicle and its driving skills to their limits!

Finland's weather conditions were not only the ideal setting for testing Continental winter tires, but also fast driving in the border area. The focus was on the tires from Continental. But if you let professional drivers behind the wheel, they also push the limits of high-horsepower vehicles.

Thanks to auto-influencer Tim Burton (Shmee150) we know exactly, the BRABUS B35S is not only a highlight on a dry track at the Cote d´Azur, but also in extreme temperatures in the minus range, the 365 PS sports car offers maximum driving pleasure. This is exactly what the spectacular drift recordings made here while the participants have mastered the snowy route with confidence. For three days, the driving skills were demonstrated and the winter tire assortment from Continental was tested under extreme conditions. 

We would like to thank our technology partner Continental for organizing this unique event.


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