Val Navtika - A Contemporary Café Racer - Shadow 500

Contemporary boat producers, such as Brabus Marine, have started perceiving their buyers from a wider perspective. When discussing boats, the use of powerful and influential brands is no revolutionary novelty. Thus, we could say that Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops is just another among the similar vessels which have ostentatiously assumed the badge of a high-performance aftermarket tuning company. Yet, that is not the case. The very beginning of this new story is devised differently and starts with the boat builder Brabus Marine, meaning that the fusion of two extremely powerful and prominent brands has created a new one.

Brabus Marine makes its Brabus Shadow by Axopar models in halls separated from the Axopar company. In addition to exterior appearance and the materials used, their boats differ from Axopar’s usual production in production standards, too.

The philosophy of the shipyard is simple and so is the steering of the boat. Similar to fast cars where there is no need for any special steering skills (assuming we do not venture out to the racing track or turn off the electronics, by all means) the situation is also simple for Brabus Marine boats. Despite high speeds of over 50 knots, their design and equipment offer simple and safe steering of the boat.

Looking also to megayacht owners, Brabus Marine has not remained immune; the Brabus Limited Edition is thus the only boat where the owners themselves will be able to enjoy the steering. Thus, in addition to car enthusiasts and those who enjoy fast day boats, Brabus encompasses a good circle of potential buyers who not only care about the aesthetics but also about the boat’s performance which in this case one hardly gets enough of.

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