BRABUS is a leading global luxury mobility brand based in the heart of Germany’s Ruhr Region. Renowned among enthusiasts in over 100 countries for the creation of high-end supercars and as automotive individualization experts since 1977, BRABUS offers a highly diversified product portfolio defined by the 1-Second-Wow effect that underlines its customers’ unique personalities. BRABUS believes in driving innovation through cutting-edge technology, unwavering attention to detail and the use of only the highest quality materials – relying on decades of expertise to enable maximum individuality every single day.

BRABUS Marine.
Redefining performance day boating.

BRABUS Marine is the result of the cutting-edge alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres. Bringing together the long-established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS and the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats, to redefine luxury day boating through a range of ultra-exclusive and exciting powerboats.


As one of the world’s most iconic boat brands specializing in luxury products for markets around the world, BRABUS Marine is taking performance, functionality and luxury to the next level.

COnfident Performance

All of our boats are characterized by superior performance courtesy of the latest high-tech engine technology.  Through an unwavering commitment to perfection and a pursuit to redefine the superlative, the BRABUS Shadow range offers  exceptional in-class power, an unparalleled driving experience and endless “go-anywhere” capabilities. 

Premium Luxury and Love for detail

Our dual-personality design ensures that our performance figures do not come at the expense of on-board luxury. We guarantee sophisticated comfort as well as exclusivity on and below deck designed for a selected group of boat owners who wish to enjoy only the very best boating experience. 

The BRABUS Shadow range was developed to impress; with a wide selection of bold, instantly recognizable design features, as well as striking aesthetics underlining every inch of the hull down to the smallest detail. 

FuncTionality & Smart innovation

Beyond the right looks and performance, BRABUS Marine as a brand stands for accessibility, comfortable handling and unmatched drivability. Through a 100 % tech driven development approach, we combine functionality with ease of movement.
All our BRABUS Shadows are packed with smart innovations, finest technical solutions and supreme comfort.

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