300 SL Gullwing

300 SL Gullwing (W 198)

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL "Gullwing" (W 198) is an absolute dream car to this day. Only 1,400 of these famous cars with the upswinging doors were built between 1954 and 1957, which thanks to their characteristic shape reminiscent of the wings of a seagull gave the car its "Gullwing" moniker. The 300 SL Gullwing was crowned "sports car of the century" in 1999. A series production of the 300 SL originally developed for motorsport was not planned initially. After lengthy deliberations and in light of the potential sales success in the USA, the decision was made in favor of a series production of the 300 SL in a street-legal version dubbed the W 198. An especially lightweight version made completely from aluminum was produced only 29 times and is therefore an accordingly hot commodity. BRABUS Classic has extensive knowledge of both variants and revitalizes this dream in 6-Star quality.

The unparalleled BRABUS Classic 6-Star Restoration always starts with the complete disassembly of the base vehicle in our workshop. All parts are inspected and indexed; individual components are meticulously reconditioned and reworked. Missing or worn out components are replaced with newly manufactured genuine Mercedes parts. The result after thousands of hours of labor is a unique investment delivering incomparable driving fun.


The body is first separated from the frame and then both are measured meticulously before the paint is chemically removed from them one at a time. The body of the 300 SL is largely made of steel panels; with the hood, trunk lid, sill and door skin in contrast being made of aluminum.

After the paint has been removed chemically, experienced BRABUS experts rework the body shell. Cataphoretic dip priming (CDP) ensures complete corrosion protection using state-of-the-art paint protection technologies. The last step involves enhancing the bodywork of the super-lightweight ("SL") with the perfect paint job in the original color. To ensure the value retention in future as well, all cavities of the vehicle are sealed. All glass components – the lenses of the headlamps, the windshield and the windows – are replaced. Elaborately restored chrome details such as bumpers, chrome trim and badges, which are fine-tuned for a precise fit one last time before the final chrome plating is applied, complete the unrivalled look.

Engine & Technical Equipment

The engine of the 300 SL is disassembled and all components are measured. The restoration of the classic's engine is carried out with utmost care. The BRABUS drivetrain technicians recondition the transmission, driveshaft and differential with that same precision. All components of the suspension and the brakes are returned to new condition. Springs and shock absorbers are replaced, all axles are fitted with new bearings. To ensure optimal safety and absolute reliability after the restoration, all electrical components are overhauled or replaced and a new wire harness is installed.

FRAME & Underbody

The unusual gullwing door car is perfect from any vantage point. As on the original, the frame is given a nitro paint coat and, as was done at the Mercedes factory, partially wrapped and insulated with a scuff protector. All underbody paneling and the inside of the fender wells are painted in the original color. Even the aerodynamic underbody paneling, which usually not longer exists on the original vehicle, is reproduced to original specifications.  Everything is reconditioned meticulously and thoroughly and returned to mint condition. A final sealer coat on the entire underbody provides optimal protection. The underbody is also waxed by request. The result is perfect – for the road or for your very own favorite spot.


The interior of the highest quality is crafted in the company upholstery shop to original specifications in exactly the same color and with the same surface finish as once in series production. Every inch of the exquisite fabric, leather and flooring materials is finished with consummate perfection and accurate in every detail. If the original vehicle came with a luggage set, it also is restored by our experts to manufacturer's specifications. If it no longer exists, a new luggage set is produced to original specifications.

love of detail

After several thousand hours of labor, this Mercedes classic is completed. An automotive gem rebuilt from the ground up with the highest precision, perfectionism and great love of detail. As authentic as then, as reliable as never before.

BRABUS Classic Two-Year Warranty

The world’s only two-year warranty for 6-Star restored classic cars