Zero G Event by World Club Dome - VIP Shuttle Service @ Frankfurt Airport

Zero G Event by World Club Dome - VIP Shuttle Service @ Frankfurt Airport

05.04.2019 - Our VIP guests started full of power with our exclusive vehicles, the BRABUS 900 (based on Mercedes-Maybach S 650 L) and the BRABUS 850 XL WIDESTAR (based on Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC), into the Zero G Event at Frankfurt Airport.

A Zero G flight with an Airbus A310, which makes it possible to experience weightlessness without leaving our planet. BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME has invited to this special event. The A310 had previously been redesigned from the inside, so that the extraordinary party could start with the right sound and light effects.

International DJ's like DJ Soda or Timmy Trumpet and Hollywood actress Dascha Polanco were on our guest list. The Fantastischen Vier, Sport-CEO Fredi Bobic and Eintracht-Frankfurt player Sébastian Haller were also there. TV cook Tim Mälzer had to master a special task under difficult conditions. During the flight into weightlessness he prepared a salad dressing.
In addition to cooking, Tim Mälzer (@timmaelzer_official) is also a fan of our BRABUS XL 850 WIDESTAR. With room for up to 7 passengers, Tim can also pack his kitchen crew when it comes to the next TV shoot. With 1,450 Nm and 300 km/h Vmax the luxury SUV should reach its destination not only comfortably but also quickly.

BBC, CNN, ZDF, RTL and the internationally renowned German luxury magazine FrontRowSociety (@frontrowsociety) provided the media coverage of the event. In addition to the classic media, social media stars like Amanda Cerny (@amandycerny) from Team Cerny and Caroline Einhoff (@caro_e) spread the event worldwide.

The South Korean icon DJ Soda (@deejaysoda) was more than fascinated by our BRABUS 900. Sohee Hwang, as DJ Soda is correctly called, was impressed by the aggressive exterior appearance and the luxury interior of the exclusive 900 hp limousine.

©, Foto Georg Berg
Link to FrontRowSociety: Link

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