We create modern, individual luxury.

With innovative technology, highest-quality materials, unwavering attention to detail and tasteful, dynamic aesthetics, 
we develop products with the signature BRABUS One-Second-Wow factor that underline our customers‘ personalities.

Based in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, the city of Bottrop has been our home since 1977.

From here we cater to our international customers in over 100 countries.

The BRABUS One-Second-Wow effect

The BRABUS One-Second-Wow effect is the guiding principle for everything we do here at BRABUS. It is both an essential design requirement that all of our products must meet and what we as a brand strive to achieve when a customer comes face to face with them for the very first time. A unique concept, rooted in perception and emotion, that distinguishes our products and makes them truly one of a kind. It is the idea – that any customer is able to see a BRABUS product and recognize it in a way that fascinates and captivates the senses before ultimately falling in love with it – all within a single second. That is the center of every BRABUS product’s DNA. That is the BRABUS 1-Second-Wow effect. 


BRABUS Masterpiece

Since 1977, BRABUS as a brand has specialized in bespoke refinement and maximum individualization – offering every customer an opportunity to turn every part of their vehicle into a unique statement of style, design and functionality. From the connoisseur who seeks to enhance comforts behind the wheel through the elegance of a complete BRABUS interior to the automotive enthusiast who is satiated exclusively through the persuasion of performance, here at BRABUS, the vehicle of your dreams is limited only by your imagination. However, a product that features everything we can do; a product that combines every corner of the world of BRABUS in the creation of a single, one-of-a-kind tour de force of modern luxury is reserved solely for those, who are willing to go a step beyond in search for the full BRABUS experience. Those products are designated what we call – BRABUS Masterpieces.

BRABUS Facilities

Established in 1977, our headquarters located in Bottrop, Germany have been the official home of BRABUS for over four decades. Structurally, BRABUS Campus is divided into several plants – central design, manufacturing and development hubs, each purposely designed for as well as catering to an essential pillar of what we do and each equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. From the administrative headquarter and primary workshop based in Werk 1, a dedicated inhouse CNC department, a rolling dyno as well as the home of BRABUS Classic in Werk 2, the BRABUS engine development and assembly hall of Werk 3, the BRABUS saddlery in Werk 4 all the way to the BRABUS logistics and sales center housed in Werk 5 and 6, it has evolved into an innovative, modern complex facilitating all corners of the world of BRABUS. Continuously expanding in tune with our development into an international luxury mobility brand active in over 100 countries around the world.

Evolving through collaborations

BRABUS is continuously evolving diversity, limited exclusivity and technological innovation. In the field of luxury mobility, our longstanding partnership with smart, our range of next-level luxury day boats built under BRABUS Marine with award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats as well as the first ever BRABUS 1-Second-Wow effect on two wheels – created in collaboration with leading European motorcycle manufacturer KTM - have laid the foundation of what has become an ever-growing, global portfolio of BRABUS 1-Second-Wow products. Likewise, through our work with Italian luxury watchmaker Panerai, we have since introduced the BRABUS design DNA to an entirely new market, opening the door to an entirely new spectrum of possibilities.

Authenticity and originality matters!

As with many of the world's leading brands in the luxury mobility industry, our highly limited and exclusive product portfolio has inspired a widespread, international counterfeit market. Again and again, we receive reports from loyal BRABUS customers around the world having unknowingly come in contact with such products, which in no way represent the quality and reliability of the BRABUS name. Protect yourself and fellow motorists by strictly purchasing genuine BRABUS products from authorized dealers. If you are unsure whether a website and/or dealer is a trusted source, please refer to the information below.

First and foremost, we ensure an unequivocal and trustworthy sale of BRABUS original parts through our global network of thoroughly vetted as well as trusted partners – To find authorized dealers in your area, please follow this link. Through any given BRABUS vehicle’s unique chassis number or via a BRABUS Masterpiece vehicle’s registration, one can determine exactly where and by which specific facility it was built. Additionally, all of our products are marked with a BRABUS Genuine label. Only through the individual number on the label can parts be officially registered and proven in their authenticity.


The BRABUS Tuning Guarantee was called to life in 2002 as an unimpeachable seal of trust in our products and services. Conceptualized to be a benchmark of the automotive tuning industry at the time, this guarantee would cover BRABUS conversions in their entirety within the first three years or 100,000 km of their lifespan. Here at BRABUS, we believe in our products with our name and continue to uphold the BRABUS Tuning Guarantee unequivocally for all of our customers to this day.

As a Masterpiece customer, you have the option to register your vehicle with us to enjoy individual benefits. By registering, you will be eligible to receive the exclusive BRABUS Masterpiece Guarantee, which covers your unique Masterpiece vehicle's first 100,000 km - as well as your first four years of ownership, instead of the usual three. In addition to this advantage, we offer you, as a Masterpiece customer, the opportunity to gain insights into selected BRABUS events and product launches.

If in any case you should experience problems with a BRABUS product, please get in touch under the following button.




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