Who we are

We create modern, individual luxury.

With innovative technology, highest-quality materials, unwavering attention to detail and tasteful, dynamic aesthetics, we develop products with the signature ‚BRABUS 1-Second-Wow‘  factor that underline our customers‘ personalities.

Based in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, the city of Bottrop has been our home since 1977.
From here we cater to our international customers in over 100 countries.

Record-breaking innovativeness

For more than four decades, we've been pushing forward with a lot of performance and heart and soul - just like our high-performance engines: with a lot of thrust and it keeps pushing, always pushing. Always new models. More and more displacement, horsepower and torque. More and more innovation. More and more interior equipment, safety and environmental compatibility. More and more exclusivity. And more and more records.

Over 40 years of expertise

With our automotive know-how from over 40 years, we restore classic Mercedes-Benz cars back to their fully original condition with great attention to detail as part of our 6-star restoration. This is what we call "six-star restoration", and many of the oldies from BRABUS Classic achieve at least the same high level of quality that they had in their "first life" from the factory.


Commitment to performance

It is the passion for the automobile, the will for performance, the drive for perfection, the striving for the superlative, but also the feeling for aesthetics and the sense for functionality that distinguish BRABUS automobiles.