Motor Boat & Yachting - BRABUS SHADOW 900 SUN-TOP & CROSS CABIN Test


You can do a hard turn at 30 knots, it never threatens to skid or skim…none of that happens, it just looks after you.

Motor Boat & Yachting, 2021 - Tested by: Jack Haines and Hugo Andreae


"It’s got that menacing look, even when the boat is sitting still, it just looks intimidating, it looks military, people will either get out of the way, or take lots of photos of you."

"In fact, the faster you go, the better it gets, and the fact that you can wind it out, and cruise at 50 knots - comfortably… that is what is so impressive about this boat."

"It turns heads like nothing else. The number of people who’ve come closer to us today to get a proper look at it and take some photos… it’s a real head turner, it does feel special."

Link to video here

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