- BRABUS Shadow 500


When two powerhouse companies combined to make an exclusive range of high-performance boats, industry insiders knew this was a marriage for the ages. Axopar builds the boats that are not only instantly recognizable but thrilling to drive. Brabus fine tunes luxury performance cars that raise the bar on excellence and style. These two premium level companies are the foundation of Brabus Marine, and the results are extraordinary.   

“Every boat is hand-crafted to the highest standards using the finest materials, technology and engineering” according to Brabus.  Now clearly these boats aren’t for everyone.  There’s a significant up-charge to a Brabus upgrade.  But for those longing for quality and performance combined… welcome to Brabus., 2020 - Article by Capt. Steve Larivee


First things first… This Brabus 500 Shadow is built on the foundation of the Axopar 28 hull. This was among the first Axopar models we tested and it blew our most senior test captain away with its outstanding handling characteristics. Its twin stepped 20-degree deadrise hull and sharp entry allowed it to handle offshore conditions on test day in an unbelievable manner. Now while we haven’t tested this new Shadow 500, there’s no reason to believe that things will be any different. These boats are a different breed and their handling and maneuvering abilities are second to none.


The Shadow 500 is next-level and it takes a boat with premier operating and maneuvering characteristics and pairs it with an upscale level of fit-and-finish. It really is the best of both worlds. 

However, for those that aren’t satisfied with the upgrades that are included in this Brabus addition, well… Brabus can raise the bar even higher. There’s a black Ops Limited Edition, meaning only 28 models, that adds an in-depth focus on precision and finish nearly unheard of. Here, Brabus adds fairing, painting, and polishing in a labor-intensive level that utilizes no automation. Therefore, it takes six-weeks to reach the required level of finish. Oh, and you can get it in any color you want…. As long as it’s Gunmetal Grey. Base price… $249,000, $278,026 all in. 

Read the full boatTest test article here.

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