Power Boat & RIB - BRABUS Shadow 500 Black-Ops "1 of 28"

You may be wondering why what looks like an Axopar 28TT is brandishing such a clandestine title. The truth is, there is a touch of Axopar to the Brabus Shadow 500 insomuch as it uses the same hull moulds as the Axopar 28 - but that is it. If you are familiar with Brabus, you will know that this German company takes a Mercedes- AMG and totally rebuilds it, from the con rods to the door catches. The end result is an ultra-exclusive luxury car with blistering performance, and a price tag to match.

The Brabus touch goes beyond the hull and engines. The Silvertex upholstery is superbly stitched and finished, with every seat back inset with the Brabus logo. The dash area has inset carbon-fibre panels and dark polished glass sections, into which the system switches are mounted. The leather-clad steering wheel is designed for that perfect point-and-shoot driving experience, intended to replicate driving a high-performance car.

"Such a purist approach is inevitably expensive even in boating terms, but the end result is a craft as close to perfection as you are likely to fi nd in this size and category."

The Shadow 500 Black Ops is unusual insomuch as it combines luxury exclusivity with typical Scandinavian practicality, and with its covert colour scheme it is one of just 28 boats. It has been designed and built on a no-compromise basis in terms of performance, seakeeping, handling and functionality. Such a purist approach is inevitably expensive even in boating terms, but the end result is a craft as close to perfection as you are likely to fi nd in this size and category.

Article by Greg Copp.

Check out the full review in the June-July 2019 issue of PowerBoat & RIB.

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