BRABUS Shadow 500: Luxury and Universality

SuperYacht, SY07 May Issue

The BRABUS Shadow 500 holds a strong position in the topmost segment of 30-foot sports day cruisers. This is a carefully designed boat with excellent operational characteristics, comfort and luxurious finishing. The boat is able to reach a maximum speed of 50 knots and has excellent acceleration thanks to two 500 power XS ProV8, the latest novelty from Mercury Marine. 

For a wide variety of customers, regardless of their tasks, BRABUS Shadow 500 is able to offer practicality and versatility. On the spacious deck there is a place for a relaxing holiday with family and friends, and a pair of light powerful engines, just waiting for their chance, will allow the owner and guests on Board to get a sip of adrenaline.

"Thanks to the incredible response of customers to our first project together with Axopar, BRABUS Shadow 800 Limited Edition '1 of 20', we decided to expand the line with the new model, which is now available in two versions: BRABUS Shadow 500 and BRABUS Shadow 500 BLACK OPS Limited Edition '1 of 28'", - said the head of the Holding BRABUS Group Konstantin Bushmann.

The BRABUS Shadow 500 BLACK OPS Limited Edition ‘1 of 28’ is hand-painted in the iconic Gunmetal-Grey color and will be released in a limited edition of only 28 pieces. Each boat with engines will cost 209 500 euros. "Priming, painting and polishing of limited Edition yacht to the appropriate quality is a process that requires special work, skills and costs. The whole process is completely manual, without the use of automation, so it can take up to six weeks before we get the finishing of the required quality", - Jan-Eric Viitala, representative of BRABUS Marine commented on the increased price tag for this version.

Original article in Russian language.

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