"My favourite features about this boat; first of all, has to be the use of space, always with Axopar. They’re very clever about how the utilise space… Next look at this, zippers going all around so we can enclose this deck area; three season boating" -, 2021. Tested by: Captain Steve


"This BRABUS Shadow 900 is just another example of how a boat is supposed to be done right. Everything about her handling characteristics are exemplary." 
"Twin stepped hull, she’s nice and slippery, gets good speed, but put her in a turn and she’s glued to the water like she’s on rails."
”…these things just handle unbelievably in rough conditions, all I have to do is to look at one of my past tests of an Axopar to see that that’s a true story.”
”It’s just such a thrill to drive these boats, like nothing else I’ve driven.”
"Aside from my personal favourites, there’s an awful lot to like about this boat, most notably; the handling characteristics, that I find with every Axopar. But frankly, taking a great boat like an Axopar and matching it with BRABUS Marine, not only makes it a homerun, it hits it out of the park."

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